South Florida Landscaping Irrigation

If there’s one thing every South Florida property owner knows it is that irrigation work can be brutal. It’s humorous to think about but it is tough on not only the body but also the mind (knowing everything you need and mapping out what needs to be done) and the emotions (things will go wrong and you’ll want to blow-up your yard😊). Also if you find yourself stuck and you are not able to turn them on, your yard could be thrown into disarray in a matter of a few days. Point being, quite often it is worth calling in a pro for sprinkler installation or repairs.

At a high-level here is what you need to plan out.

  • Trench Digging
  • System Timer Electrical Set-Up
  • Creating Water Connections (with no leaks!)
  • Setting up the different zone valves
  • Setting the right kind of pipe in the right place
  • Getting the correct sprinklers in place with the proper setting for their coverage area

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