South Florida Landscaping

Believe it or not when it comes to waterfront intracoastal homes, quite often the more natural you can go with your landscaping the better. With South Florida landscaping being waterfront so often, it is extremely important to take into consideration what you are using to make your property look beautiful.

With intracoastal home landscaping there are typically a few challenges including higher wind, potential flooding and of course – salt! Because of this you want your materials to be best suited to deal with these elements.

You might want to use pea rock or cedar mulch for the hardscape which can deal with the environmental challenges AND keep the insect at bay. Also think about including stone pavers to help firm up the soil. When it comes to plants make sure you use hardy, sun-loving varieties. You’ll also want to be sure they are iguana-proof! For fencing you’ll probably want to use vinyl or teak to ensure it lasts.

These are just a few of the considerations to factor in when taking in the full-picture of what your property needs to be both beautiful and durable.

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